In Braddock’s March: How the Man Sent to Seize a Continent Changed American History, Thomas E. Crocker tells the riveting story of one of the most important events in colonial America. Not only did Braddock’s expedition have a profound impact on American political and military developments, this fateful march laid the foundation for the “National Pike,” the major road for westward expansion, launched the career of George Washington, and sowed the seeds of dissent between England and its colonies that would ultimately lead to the American Revolution.

  • “Braddock’s March is arguably the first truly comprehensive history devoted exclusively to the calamitous march that remade North America... Braddock’s story is superb history.”

    Weekly Standard
  • “The strength of this book lies in Crocker’s presentation of the battle and the complicated logistics involved.”

    Times Literary Supplement
  • “Both Braddock’s epic march and subsequent destruction are brought to life by Thomas E. Crocker in Braddock’s March, his impeccably researched account of an important but largely forgotten chapter in American history... It all adds up to a stirring tale.”

    Washington Times
  • “Drawing on original sources, Crocker grittily reconstructs the advance of Edward Braddock’s army on Fort Duquesne... Attentive to detail, Crocker will engage colonial-history readers in this well illustrated book.”

  • "This book deals so skillfully with the results of this battle that one can gain a considerably expanded perspective on the history of North America in the 18th century... Mr. Crocker...has gathered the best of the secondary sources with an incredible array of primary sources to give the reading public the best story of this important event in North American history."
  • "Your captivating writing style, ability to retell the story about an audacious military endeavor that ends in disaster, yet how this defeat paved the way for unthinkable changes in world politics, makes [Braddock's March] a must read for anyone interested in American history."